As a research group working on system software, we have a great deal of interest in publishing open source software, both as a research output and for making everybody's research more efficient. We will be adding more in future.


  • MassiveThreads is a high performance multithreading library supporting millions of threads with Pthreads-compatible API.
  • GXP is a parallel shell for clusters, supercomputers, and distributed systems, also supporting parallel/distributed make.
  • sshfsmux is a FUSE-based file system that allows a node to mount multiple hosts via ssh on the same mount point.
  • paratrac is a FUSE-based file system profiling tool

Small Tools

  • textshot is a simple wrapper around jumpshot-4 (slog2) performance visualizer, supporting super simple text-based log format.
  • cpulock is a utility to run multiple processes (multithreaded or not), assigning a set of CPUs exclusively to each process.
  • smart-gnuplotter is a python library to draw tons of gnuplot graphs easily; useful to automate producing tex papers/slides containing lots of graphs.
  • MassiveLogger is a lightweight logging library for multi-threading written in C; it comes with a dedicated viewer written in bokeh.


  • mdoch is a work-in-progress to writing molecular dynamics simulations in Chapel programming language, which also helps evaluate Chapel itself.