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  * Todaimae (N12; Namboku Line) -> ??? gate (???門)   * Todaimae (N12; Namboku Line) -> Nishikata gate (西片門)


Faculty of Engineering Building #2
Room 101D2
University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0033, Japan

  • Taura's Office: 10F Room 101D2. Phone: +81-3-5841-6081
  • Students: 10F Room 101C1 and 101C2.

Faculty of Engineering Building #2 in Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo

  • Hongo Campus Map

  • Go googlemaps

  • The Faculty of Engineering Building #2 is near from a number of subway stations. Here are stations and the suggested gate to enter the campus from.
    • Nezu (C14; Chiyoda Line) -> Yayoi gate (弥生門)

    • Hongo-sanchome (E08/M21; Oedo Line/Marunouch Line) -> Main gate (正門)

    • Todaimae (N12; Namboku Line) -> Nishikata gate (西片門)

    • Kasuga (I12/E07; Mita Line/Oedo Line). Use A6 exit -> Main gate (正門)

  • Directions from subway stations

  • Subway Map



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