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 * [[MassiveThreads: Super Lightweight Thread Library]]  * [[MassiveThreads|MassiveThreads: Super Lightweight Thread Library]]

Introduction to Some of Our Researches (研究紹介)

High Level and High Performance, General Purpose Programming Frameworks

Domain Specific, Very High Level and High Performance Programming Frameworks

Deep Learning (深層学習)

  • Analysis of Large Mini-Batch Training of Neural Networks

  • MassiveThreads: Super Lightweight Thread Library
    A thread library that can spawn threads two orders of magnitude faster than native operating system threads. Based on this technology, we are working on high-level parallel programming languages that target a range of machines from multi-core computers to massively parallel processors


    ParaLite: Parallel Database

    A parallel database that can easily parallelize workflow applications consisting of existing commands, using SQL syntax. We are building a large scale data processing system based on ParaLite.

    GXP Parallel Shell/Scripting Tool

    A parallel processing tool that enables parallel processing built on existing commands, no matter where you are and where your resources are (http://www.logos.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/gxp/, https://github.com/qnu/gxp).


通常のスレッドよりも二桁高速にスレッドを作れるスレッドライブラリで す. それを土台にして, マルチコア計算機から, それらを多数結合した超並列 機までを,高水準にプログラミングできる言語を作る計画です


SQLが持つ高水準なデータ処理と, 既存のプログラムを容易に統合でき,か つそれを並列に実行できる並列データベースです. 大規模データ処理のための 基盤システムです.
既存のプログラムを組み合わせた並列処理を,クラスタ, クラウドなど, 所 構わずどこでも行えるようにした,並列処理ツールです

(http://www.logos.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/gxp/, https://github.com/qnu/gxp).

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